Dinner Remedies for Sore Teeth

It’s dinnertime and you are hungry! You haven’t eaten very much all day because your teeth are sore from your braces adjustment in the morning. Your teeth may be sore after a braces adjustment, but that doesn’t mean your stomach and appetite have to suffer as well! There are plenty of dinner-time foods that are easy on sore teeth, and tasty too!


Grilled tilapia can be a perfect soft food meal which is easy on sore teeth!

At Elrod Orthodontics we understand that there is some uncomfortably that can go along with an adjustment, and we strive to make your adjustments as pain free as possible. To further ease any discomfort we are giving you two more great soft food ideas that you can use at dinner time!

Fishy Fishy

Before your next adjustment have your mom stock up on fish. Yep, that’s right, fish! You may be saying to yourself, “eww, I never eat fish!” But you might be surprised to find out that some fish doesn’t taste so fishy and if prepared the right way, can actually taste amazing!


One fish dish that can be delightful is tilapia. Not only are there tons of tilapia recipes available online, tilapia is a very soft fish that requires minimal chewing. And, if cooked with the right ingredients, you may be surprised about its taste.

Fish Sticks

Want something a little easier, fish sticks! Fish sticks are soft, can be eaten with lots of tartar sauce and are really simple to make.

Nutritional Value

Why is fish a great go-to meal? There are two main reasons. One, fish is extremely soft. Cooking chicken, steak or even hamburger meat can leave sore teeth even sorer. And after a couple of bites, the soreness may battle and win over the appetite. Two, fish is full of omega-3 fats, which are incredibly beneficial for heart and brain development. In fact, it is recommended that adults and teens eat fish at least two times a week!

So the next time you are looking for a healthy meal that will also be gentle to your sore teeth, try finding a fish dish you can learn to love! For other great sore-teeth recipes and remedies, be sure to check out the rest of the blog!

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