Sore Teeth Remedy

If you have been following our blog, you know that this is the last post in our series of “Great Meals for Sore Teeth!” We hope you have enjoyed learning more about steps you can take after a braces adjustment to enjoy each and every one of your meals! This week we will finish out with another post on dinner time meals that are easy on sore teeth.


Meat loaf can be extra soft and a great dinner meal for sore teeth!


Have you ever had a really good meatloaf? Meatloaf is another great go-to dinner option for braces adjustment soreness. Meatloaf is soft, and can even be made extra soft depending on what ingredients are included.

What is the trick to making an extra soft meatloaf? Using ingredients that will keep it moist. The best way to retain moisture in your meatloaf is to use shredded vegetables such as carrots, onions and mushrooms. Using fewer breadcrumbs and more veggies will help make the meatloaf less dense and easier to chew.

A Hardy Meal

Meatloaf is a great option for sore teeth because it’s not only soft, but is really a hardy meal. Eating a  hardy meal after a braces adjustment is important because usually your appetite is low due to tooth soreness.

And for a great soft-food side, try some yummy mashed potatoes with your meatloaf. Whether they are home-made or from a box, mashed potatoes are an excellent side dish that is easy on sore teeth.

Next time you are dealing with a little soreness from a braces adjustment try eating meatloaf to help with your appetite and give your teeth a break! Meatloaf does take a little preparation, so make sure you tell mom in advance that it is what you want for dinner!

It’s dinnertime and you are hungry! You haven’t eaten very much all day because your teeth are sore from your braces adjustment in the morning. Your teeth may be sore after a braces adjustment, but that doesn’t mean your stomach and appetite have to suffer as well! There are plenty of dinner-time foods that are easy on sore teeth, and tasty too!


Grilled tilapia can be a perfect soft food meal which is easy on sore teeth!

At Elrod Orthodontics we understand that there is some uncomfortably that can go along with an adjustment, and we strive to make your adjustments as pain free as possible. To further ease any discomfort we are giving you two more great soft food ideas that you can use at dinner time!

Fishy Fishy

Before your next adjustment have your mom stock up on fish. Yep, that’s right, fish! You may be saying to yourself, “eww, I never eat fish!” But you might be surprised to find out that some fish doesn’t taste so fishy and if prepared the right way, can actually taste amazing!


One fish dish that can be delightful is tilapia. Not only are there tons of tilapia recipes available online, tilapia is a very soft fish that requires minimal chewing. And, if cooked with the right ingredients, you may be surprised about its taste.

Fish Sticks

Want something a little easier, fish sticks! Fish sticks are soft, can be eaten with lots of tartar sauce and are really simple to make.

Nutritional Value

Why is fish a great go-to meal? There are two main reasons. One, fish is extremely soft. Cooking chicken, steak or even hamburger meat can leave sore teeth even sorer. And after a couple of bites, the soreness may battle and win over the appetite. Two, fish is full of omega-3 fats, which are incredibly beneficial for heart and brain development. In fact, it is recommended that adults and teens eat fish at least two times a week!

So the next time you are looking for a healthy meal that will also be gentle to your sore teeth, try finding a fish dish you can learn to love! For other great sore-teeth recipes and remedies, be sure to check out the rest of the blog!

Last week we talked about how soups can help with tooth soreness after a braces adjustment. This week we will be looking at another quick, easy, and soft lunch time meal; Macaroni and Cheese!

Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is a classic favorite! It also can be a tasty treat for those with post-adjustment tooth soreness.

It is rare that I have a patient that doesn’t love this classic meal! The key to making this lunch time meal best for sore teeth is to make sure that the noodles are extra soft. Letting the noodles boil an extra minute or two allows you to do less hard chewing.


The great thing about Mac and Cheese is that there are plenty of varieties! The standard Kraft in the blue box is always a winner, but you can also make homemade Mac and Cheese, or for the organic type, Kraft and Annie’s makes a great box Mac and Cheese as well.

Need a little extra treat with your Mac and Cheese, try having some cold applesauce when you are done. The applesauce should be chunk-free and usually tastes (and feels) the best when it comes straight from the fridge.

Stock Up

If you know you have an adjustment coming up, make sure you stock up on the needed food items that will help ease any of the soreness that may come with the adjustment. As always our practice wants to help you feel the least amount of post-adjustment soreness! Check out the rest of our blog for more great tips and stay tuned for soft dinner recipes!

Your teeth are sore, let me guess, you’ve just had your braces adjusted! But now the bigger question arises, what can you eat that will make your teeth feel better and not worse?


A smoothie is a wonderful way to cool your mouth and help ease tooth soreness after a braces adjustment!

At Elrod Orthodontics we shift teeth with the most minimal pain in mind and we also know that any soreness you do feel will be worth it in the end.

In our last post we talked about scrambled eggs as your sore-teeth breakfast remedy. And today we will follow that post with one more breakfast item that will be sure to “smooth” over some of your pain!

Wanting another crunch-free breakfast idea to pair with your eggs? Try a homemade smoothie! You will be shocked at how easy they are to make and how creative you can be when you make yours. The great thing about a smoothie is that you only need three base ingredients: one container of plain or vanilla yogurt, one to two cups of a juice of your choice, and a handful of ice.

Once you have your three base ingredients begin to add any fruit combination of your choice. Then put it all in a blender and blend until completely smooth (no chunks!).

We recommend, apple slices (peeled), oranges (peeled), seedless watermelon, bananas, or blueberries. Try to avoid really seedy fruits as they may get stuck in your braces or may lead to more pain if you accidentally bite down on a small seed.

Don’t have fresh fruit? You can substitute your ice for frozen fruit too! Not sure what fruits to add?  There are tons of smoothie recipe sites online.

This tasty breakfast treat is not only yummy, but will also give you a great boost to start your day. Smoothies are loaded with vitamin C and many other essential vitamins! Moms and kids agree, you can’t go wrong with a smoothie!

Stay tuned to our next blog for great sore-teeth lunch time treats!

It is the morning after a braces adjustment. OUCH! Your teeth are sore and the thought of chomping down on your Lucky Charms or any other cereal for that matter makes you want to curl back up in bed and not eat the rest of the day.

Well have no fear! We at Elrod Orthodontics are starting a month-long mini blog series on the best foods to eat after you get your braces adjusted. And in today’s post you will learn some helpful breakfast tips on handling post-adjustment soreness!

scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are soft and easy to chew. And they taste yummy too!

At our office, it is one of our top goals to make your braces experience as pain-free as possible. That is why we use the Damon System and also send you home with plenty of tips and tricks to eliminate any soreness you may feel. We do understand though that your teeth may be a little achy the morning after you have an adjustment, and if this is the case for you, why not try some good ol’ fashion scrambled eggs! Not only are scrambled eggs soft and easy to chew, but they will also give you a good start to your day!

Never made scrambled eggs, it’s super easy! Just take one to three eggs (depending on how hungry you are) crack them open and put them in a bowl. Add a little bit of water or milk (about one tablespoon per egg) and beat the mixture with a fork until all of the egg yolks are broken and the entire mixture is yellow.

Next place a half of a tablespoon of butter in a skillet, let it melt, then add your egg mixture. Be sure to move your egg mixture around so it scrambles! Once thoroughly cooked add your favorite toppings such as cheese, or hot sauce (for those daring people).

Then sit back, relax and enjoy your breakfast, you deserve it, and trust me, your teeth will thank you!