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Today we’re featuring one of our amazing team members in our “Elrod Orthodontics Staff Spotlight.” Meet Deanna (Dee) James, the Scheduling Coordinator at Elrod Orthodontics. Dee has a bright smile and loves greeting and interacting with all of Dr. Elrod’s patients!

Dee James @ Elrod Orthodontics

Dee James

Dee James @ Elrod Orthodontics

Name: Deanna (Dee) James

What is your role at Elrod Orthodontics? I am the scheduling coordinator.

How long have you worked in orthodontics? Almost 29 years. I have been working at Elrod Orthodontics for over 19 of those years!

What type of schooling or certification did you receive? No certification is required for my job, but I’ve had experience in every area of the orthodontic office before working at Elrod Orthodontics, including working chair side and up front in the reception area.

What do you like about working at Elrod Orthodontics? I love seeing the kids mature and gain self-confidence as their smile improves.

Have you ever had orthodontic work done? Yes, I’ve had full treatment as an adult before working for Dr. Elrod. I wore braces for two years, seven months and 29 days to be exact!

What is your favorite braces band color? Purple

What is the best part about working with the staff at Elrod Orthodontics? The camaraderie is the best part about working at Elrod Orthodontics. The women here are my extended family. We love each other and are a team!

Do you have any funny stories to share from the office? One year we went to Austin, TX for some computer training. There was a pool and hot tub on the roof of our hotel. We spent an evening in the hot tub which turned my blonde hair green! The hotel had to send me to their beauty shop to get it out. That Christmas I anonymously received a set of frog button covers and a poem entitled “A Froggy Night in Austin.” To this day no one has ever admitted writing that poem!!

What are you known for at the office? My ability to spell. Everyone seems to come to me if they need help spelling and Lori has nicknamed me Miss Speller.